Here we go!


This last month has been crazy. There’s so much to do to get The Uniform off the ground. So many emails to send, a stall to plan, patterns to create and far too much else to list. It’s been quite stressful actually. But a positive kind of stress. Y’know, the type where you feel your heart beating in your chest. With all this in mind, I’ve had to put the blog to one side for a few weeks whilst I got other balls, like the Instagram and applications, fully  rolling.


I’m now all systems go now though, so prepare to see a lot more of me from now on. I’m officially commencing blogging as of today – I’m going to aim for a few times a week.

The last eight days has been spent in the beautiful Welsh countryside with my family. It’s been a real treat for several reasons (not least spending some real quality time with people who I spend most months of the year seeing only on a Skype screen). It was a real chance for me to focus solely on getting as much photography as possible. I always push to gather as much material as possible in the initial phase of any project, I’m definitely a ‘the more the merrier’ kind of worker. Consequently I did a lot of squinting through the view finder, shortly followed by a lot of Photoshop fun (and headaches).

I got more material than I could have hoped for and seeing all this come together on my Instagram and in my sketchbooks has shown me that I actually already have a style – something I genuinely didn’t realise. (There was me thinking I’d have to sit down and come up with one!) That’s the great thing about collating work as you go; when you look back over everything you see patterns emerging.




The thing I’ve found most rewarding so far about setting up The Uniform is the organic nature with which it has grown. I want to keep it that way, nice and natural. I’ve got four years before I finish my course, the way I see it that’s plenty of time; especially if I keep the pace up.




As much as I really like these digital patterns I don’t think they give me enough identity as a brand. For me these are just the starting point. When I’m back in Edinburgh I’m going to start working with paper cut techniques to chop up and change these patterns into something else more exciting and original.



The most important news to share this week is that I’ve found a wonderful establishment called Edinburgh Design School who are enrolling me on their evening silk-screen textiles course! Things really are looking up (FINALLY). It just goes to show doesn’t it? Sometimes being told you can’t do something is all you need to spur you on. I’m suddenly feeling like this is going to be the best thing that’s happened to me in terms of my career trajectory. So what if I’m primarily self taught?? So what if I’m not a textiles student? So what if I was told I couldn’t access textiles facilities? Surely that just makes me more individual. Perhaps being a Fine Art with Art History student will make The Uniform more exciting than if I’d been enrolled on a Textiles degrees. That way I won’t conform to current trends in the same way.

I know I’ve only just started out but I’d already say the best advice I could give is if you want something, do it yourself. I promise you, I’m already reaping the rewards. I hate corny stuff, but I’ve never meant anything more – IT’S BLOODY BRILLIANT.



I can finally see the wood for the trees. More to follow soon… x