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Hello hello!

I’m feeling really positive this week. I’m quickly gaining more and more relevant followers on Instagram whose work I really respect. There’s nothing better than someone you like also admiring your work. Must be doing some right hey?

Anyway, today’s been all about researching trend forecasts.


Because the first collection won’t be launching until Jan 2017, it’s really important that I know what colours and textures will be prevalent in the Winter/Spring collections of next year before I hit the design process. For this reason I’ve been busily flicking through interior design magazines and ransacking Interior websites.


Luckily for me it appears that the upcoming scheme are all colour combinations that will fit quite comfortably with my working style – after all I’ve no intention of loosing my aesthetic integrity at the first hurdle.

There are two colour movements I’m particularly keen on.

The first is the use of different tones and hues of one colour.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.54.47(Image: Elle Decor)

The wonderful thing about this is it allows the focus to be solely on the patterns and/or textures I use. I love the idea of playing around warm/cool versions of the same colour.

The second is a new take on the use of copper. Much to my satisfaction it appears the copper trend is far from over. This coming year will see it teamed with rusty oranges and warm greys to bring about a much richer aesthetic. I’m really quite keen on this idea!

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.54.35(Image: Elle Decor)

I’m thinking either of these options would be workable with my personal style and affiliation with art history referencing. Just need to pick one and draw the line in the sand now. Procrastination is the worst.


On a side note, if you’ve not bought the latest edition of Country Living: Modern Rustic then you really need to – SO beautiful.

How did we come to this?

‘Let the scales be true and the weights be equal.’

– Picturing Women in Medieval and Renaissance Art


Good morning! I’m back, attempting to give this blogging lark another go. Before this project gets under way it’s important that I explain exactly what it is, where it stemmed from and what my intentions are.




A little over a year ago, at the end of my art foundation, I exhibited an installation called ‘Hanging in the Balance’. The work told the story of man and woman and raised questions about the balancing and unifying of the sexes as opposed to the common call for gender equality; the type which is all too often synonymous with man hating. The installation was made up of individually hung natural forms, each one had been used throughout history to singularly symbolise either the man or the woman. This project instead intended to find something that defined the union. Together the objects were suspended to form a large infinity symbol; chosen because it is the most equal of symbols used to depict gender balance. The clockwise rotation referencing the male (solar) and the anti-clockwise rotation refers to the female (lunar) whilst not giving either dominance.

This last year at art school as been somewhat unfulfilling, as alluded to in my previous post, and this got me thinking. What did I love most about my Art Foundation final project? Well, I enjoyed the cross curricular nature of my outputs, the freedom of movement I felt in combining my Fine Art and Art History perspective with textiles based techniques. And thats just about where the idea for The Uniform reared it’s beautiful head.




You see if I can’t get everything I want in one course that’s actually ok. As long as I can learn the skills from somewhere then I’m ok with that. Though I don’t agree with the format of art schools and will always fight for that to change, it doesn’t have to stop me from practicing my own way of working. And perhaps in doing this alone I’ll give myself so much more. I might even find something new.

The example below is from my most recent work, ‘Equilibrium’. I suppose it was my first attempt at channeling some of these ideas, though a lack of access to silk screen printing and other textiles facilities prevented me from really bringing my ideas to fruition. Though The Uniform will move me more towards the interior design sector, the same basic premise still applies.

Hopefully next semester things will be different, I’ve already found external printing opportunities and what with the new plans for Stockbridge things are looking up. It’s funny what can happen when you realise you’re actually capable of doing things yourself.


Equilibrium II



So here we are. I think you’re all up to date. Now the fun can really begin.